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Consumer art tech startup helping people discover and support artists they enjoy Hero Shot (4).jpg

Project Summary

Problem Domain: Art

Timeline: 9 months, May 2022 - Feb. 2023​

Role & Team: Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Lead Designer, Team of 4

Tools: Figma

Methodologies: paper prototyping, digital prototyping, user interviews, iterative design, experience testing, events, game design, game testing

Final Product: web application, mobile app in development, hi-fi digital mock-ups


Getting engaged art is very hard; there are so many barriers to entry. Not being rich, "educated" or well-networked enough, the list goes on.

The current art world serves only a few rich elite. What about the other 99% of humans?

Early Design Process


"In the future, art will again be an essential + joyful part of life, and artists everywhere will thrive." vision statement

"Thou shalt not exclude people."

"Thou shalt not limit your curiosity."

"Thou shalt celebrate + express your identities."

"I love to explain and share stories with people who are asking questions."

"I like the idea that people can do games and support without having to be there live - passive, enjoyable fun things people can build a parasocial relationship with."

Josh L.
LA artist, father, teacher

Final Designs Hero Shot (4).jpg

Reflections & Impact

Creating and designing has been a masterclass for me in the tough realities of founding a consumer tech company. From trying to get it funded to developing an experience that exceeds user needs, and produces necessary traction, this all-encompassing experience has allowed me to develop my capacities to the next level.

Founding has allowed me to view and manage products not just through the practice of user-centered design but through the functions of business, product management and engineering as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience, though it has been immensely difficult, and I hope to continue developing at a smaller scale in my off hours of my day.

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