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Hong Law Practice Case Study

B2B law firm management platform aimed at improving firm culture and accountability

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Project Summary

Problem Domain: Law Firm Performance Metrics and Productivity

Timeline: 1 month, Jun. 2019 - Jul. 2019

Role & Team: Lead UX Designer, Team of 3

Tools: Figma

Methodologies: needfinding interviews, low-fi paper prototyping, digital prototyping, usability testing, user interviews

Final Product: proof-of-concept, desktop law firm performance metric dashboard


Managing a law firm is very difficult. Keeping track of all your attorneys billable hours and other performance metrics is tedious.


Without this information, firm culture suffers from a lack of transparency and defaults to the industry's toxic work culture.

Early Design Process

6+ legal field industry Skype calls with Hong Law Practice owner

4 dashboard interface drafts: 1 paper, 3 digital

2 user interviews with practicing lawyers and firm partners

1 heuristic evaluation of existing market tool


"I don’t always know what/how I’m doing. I want to know where I stand at all times."

Rick A.
Former lawyer, tie maker, father

Current industry standard platform: Clio

Drafting a new experience

New data graphs for billable hours, revenue and work life balance

Final Designs

Hong Law Practice Hero Shot (7).jpg

Reflections & Impact

Working with Hong Law Practice was a great opportunity to learn about and design for an industry that I had no prior experience in. For the first time in design career I was able to take the lead on product design, and face the ambiguities of product design in the field.

Not knowing where to start, I was able to learn that one of the secrets to design is active listening, and observing what the lay of the land was. From there I was able to make out certain areas where improvements could be made, based off of the user needs I heard and observed.

These practices of active listening and observing first were universal lessons that I will take with me in future design projects.

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