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Gameready Case Study

With Gameready, Stanford students can discover athletics events, claim group tickets and manage their athletics rewards

Gameready Hero Shot (3).jpg

Project Summary

Problem Domain: Athletics Events and Student Ticketing

Timeline: 3 months, Jan. 2020 - Mar. 2020

Role & Team: Lead UX Designer, Team of 4

Tools: Figma

Methodologies: paper prototypes, user interviews, usability testing, comparator studies, style guides, journey mapping, grounded theory, RITE testing, Nits vs Needs

Final Product: hi-fi Figma iOS mobile prototype


​Finding what athletics events are happening, or even knowing if you can go to them is a massive problem for Stanford University students. Add to it a confusing student ticketing process, and you have low turnout to your athletics competitions.

"When she was on the website, she got confused by all of the different ticketing options. Her inability to find a ticket left her discouraged and no longer wanting to go to the game at all."

User interview log with Sarah, a Stanford student

Early Design Process

Stanford student talking about current Stanford ticketing app

"So I just may not be very familiar with how the site operates. But I mean, generally, I think, like some things didn't really work right."

"I like this a lot. It will be easy to coordinate as a group, and manage everyone’s tickets."

"There is a nice look to it. My email’s cluttered. It's nice in how it's laid out."

Jack C.
Psychology major, longboarder, Stanford student

Final Designs

Gameready Hero Shot (3).jpg

"'Events that fit your schedule' is nice; it's my favorite. Because they're events you know that you can fit in and know you can go. That's most helpful as a student."

Marilyn F.
Environmental engineer, basketball fan, Stanford student

Reflections & Impact

When designing Gameready, one ethical consideration we had was how we would prioritize sports. In designing our home screen, we tried to emphasize the discovery of different sports, outside of the commonly attended football, basketball and baseball games. 

We included a ‘Try Something New’ category to encourage students to attend sports events that they have not attended before. Additionally, we utilized the full screen images of the athletes playing their sport to encourage student’s curiosity in discovering what lesser known sports look like.

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