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Fleur Case Study

Consumer art tech startup matching people with artists they love

(Predecessor to

Fleur Hero Shot (1).jpg

Project Summary

Problem Domain: Art

Timeline: 1 year, Jun. 2021 - May 2022​

Role & Team: Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Lead Designer, Team of 3

Tools: Figma

Methodologies: paper sketches, usability testing, digital prototyping, user interviews, iterative design

Final Product: alpha web app (now deactivated), hi-fi digital mock-ups


Getting involved in the art world is near impossible if you are not born an insider.

From having to attend parties, to being very wealthy, or well networked in the art space, today’s art world does not cater to the uninitiated.

"Is it wrong to say that I don't like any pieces in this exhibit?"

George K.
Art newcomer, Stanford grad, LACMA exhibit disliker

Early Design Process

"In terms of monetization, everyone (Artsy, brick & mortar galleries) is competing for the point of sale only.

Fleur is securing the entire art discovery journey - the years of courting and engagement before that sale even happens, and ultimately the sale of the work as well."

Competitors analysis

Point of sale → lifetime user value

Continual artist-user relationship development, daily engagement, viral shareability

Fleur conceptual graphics

Decentralized communities
Bottom-up flow
Early adopter support

Final Designs

Fleur Hero Shot (1).jpg