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BuildOps Case Study

B2B field service startup for commercial contractors

Project Summary

Problem Domain: Construction and HVAC services

Timeline: 5 months, Jun. 2020 - Oct. 2020​

Role & Team: Product Design and Product Management Intern, Team of 5

Tools: Figma

Methodologies: digital prototypes, user interviews, design iteration

Final Product: hi-fi digital mock-ups


Most construction or HVAC management offices are still logging all their information manually with pen and paper. Always having to go through piles of sheets of paper to schedule your technicians or routine maintenance jobs is inefficient and hard to keep track of.

From this larger issue, the two main user problems I addressed were: 

  • Technician scheduling, or “dispatch”

  • Filling out labor rate sheets

Early Design Process

"Before BuildOps, we would input our information into Vista (outdated software), then jot things down again with pen and paper, and then put that information into an Excel spreadsheet"

Holmes Electric
BuildOps enterprise customer, electrical contractor

Dispatch technician scheduling

Design tasks:

- How can we give dispatchers the scheduling and work status information they need at all times?

- How can we make visit and technician status information available to dispatchers in a simple, efficient way?

New information provided to dispatchers:

- Visit status

- Technician status

- Status duration

- Multi-technician visit

Labor rate sheets

Design tasks:
- How can we make it easy for dispatchers to log technicians' time easily and accurately?
- How can we allow for custom corporate rates as well?

New information provided to dispatchers:
- Regular, overtime and double-time rates

- Role-specific rates (Foreman, journeyman, apprentice, general labor)

- Custom corporate rates functionality

Final Designs

Technician scheduling

"The information on the cards is great!

Now I just need to see everything is 2-week and month views."

Natasha M.
Holmes Electric dispatcher

Labor rate sheets