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Alema Fitisemanu

UX designer & founder of

Talofa! I'm Alema. I am a Samoan & Tongan Pacific Islander UX designer and former consumer startup founder.

My user experience design experience has spanned multiple industries, but my approach to design is always the same: observe and listen for user needs, and then deliver exceptional user experiences that address those needs and more.

I have leadership experience founding and leading design for my own art tech startup: I have also led and managed teams on my LDS mission to Fiji. In Fiji, I learned to speak both Fijian and Fiji-Hindi, and, at age 20, led a team of 134 missionaries across multiple islands, including the nation of Tuvalu.

When I am not designing, I enjoy acrylic painting, photography, and digital graphic design.

Team Photos at Christina & Paul's-059_edited.jpg

Product designs by Alema Fitisemanu

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