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Talofa! I'm Alema. *Talofa is Samoan for hello*

I am a UX designer with a passion for connecting people through great user experiences. For the past 2.5 years, I was Founder & Lead UX Designer of, an art tech startup.

Below are examples of my design work across the industries of art, construction, sports, music and law. UX case study  | Art

Consumer art tech startup helping people discover and support artists they enjoy

Fleur UX case study

Fleur | Art

Art tech startup matching people with artists they love ('s predecessor)

BuildOps UX case study

BuildOps | Construction

B2B field service startup for commercial contractors

Gameready UX case study

Gameready | Sports

Stanford Athletics events & ticketing app for students

Muse UX case study

Muse | Music

Memories app allowing users to capture the best of music and journaling

Hong Law Practice UX case study

B2B law firm management platform aimed at improving firm culture and accountability

Product designs by Alema Fitisemanu

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